Addressing the adaptation gap: Integrating ecosystem- and community-based approaches for more systemic solutions

Organizer: SEI

Date: Fri / Dec. 4 - 09:00

Time: 09:00

Area: Blue Zone

Friday, 4 December, 9:00-11:00, CICERO Pavilion


Climate adaptation planning requires an integrated approach that can address different local needs, priorities and knowledges to build adaptive capacity, while being contextualised to wider landscapes or ecosystems. Failing to integrate both aspects has resulted in isolated interventions that lose impact or legitimacy over time, or generate negative cascading effects at different scales. The panelists will discuss how to address this fragmentation by integrating ecosystem-based adaptation and community-based adaptation, two approaches that have gained wide attention in the past years but are largely disconnected. Examples will build on experiences in urban settings and rural landscapes around the world.

There is a 2-page brief with insights from the project that inspired this session available here:


Johan L. Kuylenstierna, Executive director, SEI (moderator)
Mònica Coll Besa, Research fellow, SEI
Sven Harmeling, Climate Change advocacy coordinator, PECCN, CARE International
Krystyna Swiderska, International Institute for Environment & Development
Angela Andrade, Conservation International/IUCN
Alejandro Argumedo, ANDES
María Teresa Vargas, Fundación Natura Bolivia

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