Aggregating Finance for Low Carbon Energy

Organizer: GEF and Climate Bonds Initiative

Date: Tue / Dec. 8 - 15:45

Time: 15:45

Area: Green Zone

Introducing the Climate Aggregation Platform (CAP)

How Bundling Loans and Assets Can Drive the Energy Revolution


When: Tuesday 8 December, 2015 —3:45pm-5:15pm

Where: Rio Pavilion, Green Zone, Le Bourget




To limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, huge investments in clean energy and other climate solutions are needed.  The technology required is now well-developed. But in many developing countries access to capital can be limited, and the cost of capital is often prohibitively high. This is especially the case with smaller-scale low-carbon investments such as solar or energy efficiency improvements for homes, communities and business.


The aggregation, or bundling together, of small loans and assets to create investment products that meet the large-scale needs of pension funds and insurance funds holds the promise of opening up new investment channels, both domestically and between North and South. Aggregation also allows developing country financial institutions, from banks to micro-finance lenders, to make the most of their limited balance sheets.


Please join us for this side event where leading actors will discuss their experiences with innovative transactions, and share their views on the latest developments and opportunities in financial bundling. The side-event will also introduce the new ‘Climate Aggregation Platform’ (CAP), from Climate Bonds, UNDP, IDB and the GEF. Set for launch in Spring 2016, the CAP aims to put aggregation concepts into practice in developing countries.




3:45pm Welcome & Moderator

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

3:50pm Opening Remarks

Helen Clark, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme

Naoko Ishii, CEO, Global Environment Facility

4:00pm Perspectives from Market Actors

Namita Vikas, Chief Sustainability Officer, Yes Bank, issuer of India’s first green bond

Arjun Batra, Chief Product Office, Lendable

Christopher Kaminker, Environment Directorate, OECD

Martin Berg, Climate Change & Environment, European Investment Bank

Shaun Tarbuck, Chief Executive Officer, ICMIF

Henning Wuester, Director, Finance, IRENA

5:15pm Close

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