Assessing transparency and ambition in the land use sector

Organizer: JRC & CEPI / ICFPA

Date: Tue / Dec. 1 - 14:30

Time: 14:30

Area: Sin zona

Assessing transparency and ambition in the land use sector A COP21 side event


Tuesday 1 December 2015, 14:30 – 16:00

EU Pavilion, Blue Zone (Hall 2B), Room Luxembourg

The Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) recognise a relevant role by the Land Use, Land Use Change, and Forestry (LULUCF) sector in climate change mitigation. This side event will discuss general and quantitative aspects of the expected LULUCF contribution to the Paris agreement, along with the business sector’s view on how to maximise the role of forest products in delivering climate benefits. The event will also provide a look into EU’s efforts to improve LULUCF’s emission and removal estimates beyond UNFCCC present obligations, and an overview of European experiences on voluntary emission reduction certification in the agriculture and forestry sectors.


Moderators: Giacomo Grassi (Joint Research Centre) and Bernard de Galembert (Confederation of European Paper Industries)



Opening by the JRC and CEPI / ICFPA


Part 1: The role of the LULUCF in the INDCs

– Overview of land use and forestry sector within INDC (Paulo Canaveira, Terraprima)

– Quantifying the LULUCF contribution in meeting INDCs (Giacomo Grassi, JRC)


Part 2: Role of forest products in climate mitigation

– The Low Carbon Technology Partnerships Initiative (Matthew Reddy – WBCSD)

– The economics of climate change mitigation options in the forest sector (Thaís Linhares-Juvenal, FAO)


Part 3: The LULUCF sector in the EU

– Improving the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of the LULUCF sector in the EU (Simone Rossi, JRC)

– Voluntary emission reduction certification in the LULUCF sector: new European experiences (Julia Grimault, Institute for Climate Economics)


The side-event is open to anyone with a COP21 accreditation

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