Characterizing and advancing our understanding of the social cost of carbon

Organizer: Electric Power Research Institute

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 13:00

Time: 13:00

Area: Blue Zone

WEDNESDAY 2 DECEMBER, 13:00 – 14:30

Hall 3, IETA Business Hub Room Paris (Side Event 22, followed by EPRI-sponsored tea and coffee)

The social cost of carbon (SCC) is a monetary estimate of the climate change damages to society from

an additional unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Despite their use in policy to value CO2 reductions,

SCC estimates are difficult to interpret and evaluate. What do they represent in terms of future climate

change and risks? This session offers a unique in-depth look into the state of current modeling and our

understanding of potential damages, identifying issues and opportunities relevant to public discussion

and future climate research and application.

STEVEN ROSE, Senior Research Economist, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

DAVID VICTOR, Professor, School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, San Diego

NAT KEOHANE, Vice President of Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

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