Climate change and children’s rights: Children as vulnerable group and agents of change

Organizer: children in a changing climate

Date: Thu / Dec. 3 - 11:30

Time: 11:30

Area: Blue Zone

Date: 3rd December 2015

Time: 11.30 – 13.00

Room 3


We are pleased to invite you to a COP21 side event focusing on engaging and prioritising children and young people in climate change decision making and action. The event will be hosted by members of the Children in a Changing Climate Coalition.  This event will bring to together governments at the forefront of climate risks, young people, policy makers and practitioners in an interactive session. Join us to:

  • Hear from governments and other decision makers who have chosen to prioritise and engage with children in climate change adaptation.
  • Explore how engaging children and young people in climate change adaptation can work in practice.
  • Understand the perspectives of young people themselves on how they see the opportunities and barriers for participating in climate change decision making

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