Climate Mitigation Potential of Coastal Wetlands

Organizer: Government of Indonesia

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 17:00

Time: 17:00

Area: Blue Zone

INDONESIAN PAVILION, Blue Zone, Bourget, Paris

2 December 2015 @ 17.00-18.00

The government of Indonesia, in collaboration with Conservation International and CIFOR, is pleased to host this session which will provide an overview of progress towards integrating conservation and restoration of coastal wetlands into climate change mitigation approaches. Indonesia is the country with the largest areal expanses of carbon-rich coastal ecosystems – particularly mangroves and seagrasses – which store roughly one-third of the world’s coastal carbon. Simultaneously, these coastal ecosystems are highly threatened – for example in Indonesia 1-2% of the country’s mangroves are degraded or lost every year resulting in nationally significant GHG emissions.


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