Climate Security and Resilience – The Way Forward

Organizer: German Government

Date: Fri / Dec. 11 - 12:00

Time: 12:00

Area: Blue Zone

Managing Risks

G7 Foreign Ministers agreed in April that risks of instability and conflict stemming from climate change must be effectively addressed. But how? The event will discuss potential activities by governments, multilateral institutions and initiatives.

  • Peter Fischer, Federal Foreign Office, Germany
  • Christian Leffler, Deputy Secretary General for Economic and Global Issues, European External Action Service (tbc)
  • Nicolas Regaud, Advisor to the Director General DGRIS, French Ministry of Defense
  • Hassan Patrow, Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch, UNEP
  • Dennis Tänzler, adelphi
  • Alexander Carius, adelphi (Moderation)


Hall 2B | No 51
COP21 Paris

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