[Cocktail reception] Pursuing Synergies in the implementation of the Rio Conventions in Namibia (Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia)

Organizer: UNCCD

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 17:45

Time: 17:45

Area: Green Zone

This session will highlight Namibia’s approach towards the synergistic implementation of the three Rio Conventions. Realizing the synergies in the implementation of these three Conventions is an increasing national focus, which was embodied in the simultaneous launching in October 2014 of the National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, Second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP II), and Third National Action Programme for the Implementation of the UNCCD (NAP3). This event will involve remarks from the Minister of Environment and Tourism, presentation and screening of a documentary and discussion on the pursuit of synergies in the implementation of the Rio Conventions.

Speakers: H.E. Mr. Pohamba Shifeta, Minister, Ministry of Environment and Tourism

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