Creating Enabling Environments for Private Sector Finance for Renewable Energy in Africa

Organizer: IEA

Date: Wed / Dec. 9 - 16:00

Time: 16:00

Area: Blue Zone

Hundreds of billions of USD are required, each year, to start to build the infrastructure required to move developing countries onto a clean and low carbon development pathway. In fact, so much money is required that the $100bn a year by 2020 pledged in Copenhagen seems rather insignificant. Whatever the figure, it must be clear to most that all this money will not come from Governments; a significant amount will come from the Private Sector.

Private Sector investment is driven by risk – the higher the risk, the costlier the money. We can broadly distinguish between technical risks, which investors can address and manage, political risks some of which can be managed, and in some sectors, climate risk. When the un-manageable risks become too high, the money stays away.



Confirmed Panelists


Mafalda Duarte, Managing Director Climate Investment Fund Jan-Willem van der Ven, EBRD Peter Coveliers, European Investment Bank Bruno Bensasson, ENGIE Africa Assaad Razzouk, Chairman, ASrIA, The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia John Ward, Vivid Economics


Moderator: Gareth Phillips, AfDB



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