Direct Access Experiences

Organizer: Adaptation Fund

Date: Fri / Dec. 4 - 13:15

Time: 13:15

Area: Blue Zone

The Adaptation Fund will bring together representatives from country-level National Implementing Entities (NIEs) to discuss their experiences with the Adaptation Fund’s ‘Direct Access’ program, success stories and lessons learned from the accreditation process, as well as preparation of climate change adaptation project proposals and implementation of approved projects on the ground. Key themes will include strengthening capacity and learning through the flexible, innovative, localized, tangible and scalable appeal of the projects. The role and contributions of civil society organizations in enhancing Adaptation Fund programs will also be discussed.


Time: Friday, December 4th, 1:15-2:45 pm

Location: Observer Room 3, Side Event Area, Conference Center, Le Bourget



1:15 Welcoming remarks. Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board, Mr. Hans Olav Ibrekk

1:25 H.E. Minister Luis Felipe Arauz Cavallini, Minister of Agriculture, Costa Rica

1:35 Fundecooperacion Para el Desarollo Sostenible, Ms. Marianella Feoli

1:40 Micronesia Conservation Trust, Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Lisa Andon

1:50 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Mr. R. Amalorpavanathan

2:00 South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), Ms. Mandy Barnett

2:10 ForumCC Tanzania, Mr. Fazal Issa

2:20 Q&A, discussion


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