Ecological Rainfall Infrastructure: a new perspective on how forests and trees matter for climate (ICRAF – World Agroforestry Center)

Organizer: UNCCD

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 14:00

Time: 14:00

Area: Green Zone

In many parts of the world, local people are convinced that forests, trees and rainfall are related; forests and trees not only depend on rainfall but also help to generate it. Scientists have always denied such effects, or at best been ‘agnostic’, due to lack of evidence. Now, new evidence on credible mechanisms for forest and tree effects on rainfall is emerging. It can revolutionize current climate negotiations that focus on greenhouse gas emissions. Managing trees for their role in rainfall is easier to understand than the complex carbon story, and will offer new ways of reducing negative effects of climate change.

Speakers: Dr. Dennis Garrity (UNCCD Drylands Ambassador), Dr. Meine van Noordwijk (ICRAF),  Dr. David Ellison and a WeForest science synthesis team, Dr. Peter Minang (global ASB coordinator, ICRAF),Dr. Daniel Murdiyarso (CIFOR), Dr. Eduardo Somariba (CATIE), Dr. Ravi Prabhu (DDG Research ICRAF)

Keynotes: (a) Ecological Rainfall Infrastructure: investment in trees for sustainable development (b) Why forests matter for water, energy and climate: what we think we know

Panel Discussions: (a) Launch of ASB-Policy Brief Policy (b) Seeing the forests as well as the trees (c) A meso-american perspective (d) Steps to close critical knowledge gaps

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