Ecosystem Based Adaptation (ICRAF – World Agroforestry Centre and ASB Partnership for Tropical Forest Margins)

Organizer: UNCCD

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 10:45

Time: 10:45

Area: Green Zone

Humans rely on ecosystems to adapt to diverse changes occurring in their living environments. Two streams of actions currently address climate change: mitigation and adaptation. Most intervention actions rely directly or indirectly on ecosystems. The session will focus on two key themes: 1) what roles do ecosystems play in facilitating local communities adaptation to climate change? 2) What are the mechanisms to enhance ecosystem resilience to ensure the delivery of ecosystem services that assist human adaptation to climate change impacts?

Speakers: Dr. Ravi Prabhu (DDG Research ICRAF), Dr. Dennis Garrity (UNCCD Drylands Ambassador), Dr. Lalisa Duguma (ICRAF), Dr. Peter Minang (ICRAF), Prof. Meine van Noordwijk (ICRAF), Dr. Edmund Barrow (IUCN), Dr. Larwanou Mahamane (African Forest Forum), Ms. Winnie Khaemba (African Center for Technology Studies), Dr. Margaret Kroma (ICRAF)

Keynotes: (a) The role of ecosystems in addressing climate change; (b) Water restoration as a long-term adaptation strategy

Panel Discussions: (a) Policy aspects of Ecosystem based Adaptation  (b) Incentives and financial aspects of implementing Ecosystem based Adaptation (c) Practice portfolios to promote Ecosystem based Adaptation (d) Gender aspects of Ecosystem based Adaptation

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