Effective climate finance and carbon market solutions for INDC implementation

Organizer: University of Zurich & GETA

Date: Thu / Dec. 3 - 11:30

Time: 11:30

Area: Blue Zone

Thursday, Dec. 3. 11:30 -13:00

Observer room 3

Program online

The event will be moderated by Axel Michaelowa from the University of Zurich and feature government representatives, researchers and  carbon-markets, climate finance and mitigation practitioners as follows:

  • Nguyen Khac Hieu, MONRE Viet Nam:
    • Mitigation targets from different sectors in Viet Nam
  • Nguyen Tuan Anh, MPI Viet Nam:
    • Climate Finance needs and approaches in Viet Nam
  • Stephan Hoch, Perspectives:
    • Designing programmatic mitigation finance under the GCF – lessons from CDM PoAs
  • Christian Huggel, University of Zurich (UZH):
    • Experiences with adaptation projects and lessons for climate finance
  • Jürgen Hacker, BVEK:
    • How a system of tradable emission rights can be a key component also for developing countries’ INDCs
  • Panel Discussion with 2 additional Discussants presenting practical approaches to mobilise mitigation:
    • Ingo Puhl, the South Pole Group: Market Based Financial Mechanisms to Fund Mitigation Actions in the Short Term –  Ongoing Efforts in Thailand and Vietnam
    • Chien Te Fan, NTHU, Taiwan: Taiwan’s Incubation Mechanism for successful mitigation action

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