Enhancing Mitigation Action Pre- and Post-2020 Shaping the Energy Transition

Organizer: German Government

Date: Mon / Dec. 7 - 12:00

Time: 12:00

Area: Blue Zone

Options for enhancing mitigation ambition before and after 2020, within the Paris Agreement and beyond will be presented. This includes a discussion on how to support further ambition in INDCs, as well as the potential of non-UNFCCC initiatives.

  • Sean Healy, Öko Institute,Germany
  • Wolfgang Obergassel, Wuppertal Institute, Germany
  • Niklas Höhne, NewClimate Institute, Germany
  • Vicki Duscha, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany
  • Katja Eisbrenner, Ecofys, German

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