EverGreen Agriculture and Land Restoration (ICRAF – World Agroforestry Center)

Organizer: UNCCD

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 12:20

Time: 12:20

Area: Green Zone

This session will focus on the role of evergreen agriculture in achieving the Africa Restoration Initiative’s 100 million hectare target, the goal of scaling-up farmer-managed natural regeneration in the drylands through an AU-coordinated program, and the scaling-up of fertilizer tree technologies within national input subsidies programs through the COMESA-led EverGreen Fertilizer Subsidies Initiative.

(Moderator: Dennis Garrity, UNCCD Drylands Ambassador).

The opening presentations by Monique Barbut (UNCCD Executive Secretary) and Dennis Garrity will set the stage for a panel discussion examining the implications of these major programs. The panel will include: Shantanu Mathur (IFAD), Chikakula Miti (COMESA), Ravi Prabhu (ICRAF), Randall Purcell (World Food Program), Lori Pearson (CRS), Chekh Mbow (ICRAF), Matthew Reddy (WBCSD).

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