Financing the demonstration and deployment of CCS in developing countries

Organizer: Global CCS Institute

Date: Tue / Dec. 8 - 12:30

Time: 12:30

Area: Sin zona

Meeting decarbonisation objectives in a cost-effective manner means significant deployment of CCS in both developed and developing countries. This event will discuss ways and means of financing CCS in the energy and industrial sectors, with a focus on developing countries. Key financial actors and global experts will give their views, including:


Moderator: Brad Page – CEO, Global CCS Institute

Lord Nicholas Stern – IG Patel Chair of Economics and Government, Grantham Institute (LSE)

Philippe Benoit – Head of Energy Efficiency and Environment Division, IEA

Anita George – Senior Director Global Practice on Energy and Extractive Industries, World Bank

Abyd Karmali – Managing Director, Climate Finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch; and GCF private sector representative

Ashok Bhargava – Chair of the Energy Sector Committee and Director, Energy Division – East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank

Rodolfo Lacy Tamayo – Mexico’s Undersecretary of Planning and Environmental Policy

Takeshi Nagasawa – Director, Global Environment Partnership Office, METI

Ashley Ibbett – Director and Chief Executive of the Office of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change


Details as follows:


Date: Tuesday 8 December

Time: 12:30 – 2:00pm

Venue: IETA Pavilion, UNFCCC Precinct


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