Good Data for Good Decision-Making: The need for regional cooperation

Organizer: REN21

Date: Mon / Dec. 7 - 16:30

Time: 16:30

Area: Blue Zone

This event will give an overview of regional initiatives and will provide a platform for exchange about on-going initiatives to foster rapid deployment of renewables in different world regions and sectors. During the event, the latest regional REN21 report:  UNECE Renewable Energy Status Report will be launched.



Arthouros Zervos, Chair, REN21


Why Engage Regionally?

Andrä Rupprechter, Federal Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Austria
UNIDO and REN21: Joining forces on regional cooperation and data collection

Pradeep Monga, Director, UNIDO

Christine Lins, Executive Secretary, REN21


Regional Cooperation in Action:  SAIREC

Kevin  Nassiep, CEO, SANEDI


Documenting On-going Progress:  Developments in ECOWAS

Mahama Kappiah, Executive Director, ECREEE


Launch of UNECE Renewable Energy Status Report

Mr. Scott Foster, Director Sustainable Energy Division, UNECE

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