Innovation Forum

Organizer: Green CRT

Date: Mon / Dec. 7 - 08:30

Time: 08:30

Area: Blue Zone

The State of Tocantins is seeking outside expertise and capital to initiate a deforestation program in a State where the large deforestation drivers are soy and beef production. Rilin Group is implementing a Climate Change strategy designed by China Green Certification which involves investment in Climate Change projects. Rilin imports soy from Brazil and will now invest in the creation of a Tocantins State jurisdictional carbon project. Participants will explain their reasons for cooperating on this important Amazon forest protection initiative. As well, PPP investments in natural coastal forests and wetlands in the US and China will be discussed.  These investments are seen as a way to draw corporate finance into needed natural coastal defences against rising ocean levels and increased storm action, which threaten coastal populations and infrastructure.

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