It’s Time for Next Generation Standards Collaboration for Climate Neutrality and Resilience

Organizer: GHGMI&ISO

Date: Tue / Dec. 1 - 11:30

Time: 11:30

Area: Blue Zone

TIME: December 1, 2015 11:30-13:00

LOCATION: Observer Room 4


Climate actions need bold next generation standards systems and enhanced stakeholder engagement. We will examine collaboration among standards setting organizations, innovative framework standards, capacity building, interactive platforms for climate neutrality, resilience and sustainability in support of INDCs.


Agenda and Speakers Include:


  • Welcome | Michael Leering, Secretary ISO TMB Climate Change Coordinating Committee (CCCC) and Program Manager, Environment and Climate Change, CSA Group
  • Introduction to ISO’s policy on climate change (overall and committees) | Tod Delaney, Chair ISO TMB Climate Change Coordinating Committee (CCCC)
  •  ISO TC207 SC7 Strategic Plan and Introduction for next generation standards | Tom Baumann, CoFounder GHGMI and Chair ISO TC207 SC7 (Mitigation and Adaptation Standards Committee)
  •  Adaptation Standards | Ira Feldman, GHGMI Adaptation Lead and ISO TC207 SC7 Adaptation Coordinator
  • Introduction and Update to ISO 14080 – Framework and principles with guidance for methodologies for climate actions | Chikako Makino, International Accreditation Forum and ISO TC207 SC7 WG7 Co-convenor (ISO 14080)
  • Gold Standard V3.0| Owen Hewlett, CTO Gold Standard Foundation
  • Business Perspectives on Road Ahead for Standards | Joe Madden, EOS/IETA Member
  • Panel discussion of issues and solutions to expand collaboration for standards on climate actions| Facilitator Nick Blyth, IEMA and Member, ISO TMB/CCCC

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