Launch of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) Engagement Platform

Organizer: DNVGL

Date: Wed / Dec. 9 - 00:00

Time: 00:00

Area: Blue Zone

The CTCN is launching a new Engagement Platform to build and leverage partnerships in the deployment of climate technologies. Through the Platform, the CTCN will bring together private sector, government, and other stakeholders to create enabling environments for INDC commitments to be operationalized via regional working groups on climate technologies. The MISSION of the CTCN is to stimulate technology cooperation, enhance the development and transfer of technologies, and assist developing country Parties at their request. The CTCN recognizes that governments play a critical role in developing policies and creating enabling environments, but it is through the private sector and research, (building on the efforts of governments, and in collaboration with civil society) that we will achieve the level of action needed to effectively address climate change.

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