Managing impacts of mitigation policies – Climate for Sustainable Growth side event

Organizer: IETA & WBCSD

Date: Tue / Dec. 1 - 18:30

Time: 18:30

Area: Blue Zone

Managing impacts of mitigation policies –  Climate for Sustainable Growth side event

Date: December 1, 2015
Time: 6.30 pm to 8 pm
Location: IETA & WBCSD Business Hub, Pavilion 4, Hall 3, in the COP21 Conference Center (Blue Zone), Le Bourget, Paris, France

Are there unintended impacts of climate change mitigation policies? If so, how are these impacts managed? This side event discusses these questions by presenting the draft ‘’Climate for Sustainable Growth” White Paper which sets the scene and discusses the lessons learned for managing unintended impacts of mitigation policies.

The CPS ‘’Climate for Sustainable Growth” project focuses on addressing the impacts of climate change policies as seen through the lens of sustainable development on three levels: economic, social and environmental through three country case studies (Poland, Ghana and Maldives), one sector case study (Soda ash) and one policy case study (Agriculture – Food labelling). Additionally, the project examines the conditions for a sustainable transition to a low GHG economy and what flanking measures (policies to mitigate impacts) need to be put in place to address those impacts

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