Putting it All Together: Maximizing the Potential of Market-Based Mechanisms Across North America

Organizer: Blue Source

Date: Tue / Dec. 8 - 08:00

Time: 08:00

Area: Blue Zone

By invitation only, a round table discussion of market leaders, legal experts, analysts and government decision makers will discuss how to stitch together and maximize the potential of current and future market-based mechanisms to reduce emissions across North America and what tools might be employed to do so. Markets covered will include Cap-and-Trade and Low Carbon or Renewable Fuel Standards across California, Canadian Provincial Programs (Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, and BC), US Federal initiatives (Clean Power Plan) and potential new Canadian Federal Frameworks. Topics discussed for each mechanism will include how programs can be linked to maximize results, what’s working well, existing challenges and how they might be overcome, and how each program may change or evolve in the future.

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