Subnational Leadership on Emissions Trading Accross the U.S.–Session 2: Building and Connecting Subnational and Regional Markets

Organizer: Climate Action Reserve

Date: Tue / Dec. 8 - 11:00

Time: 11:00

Area: Blue Zone

Early visions of a top-down single global carbon market effectively covering all major emitting jurisdictions has given way to a series of programs operating either independently or through linkages.  In North America, the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) provides a foundation to link California’s cap-and-trade program with other jurisdictions. Mexico is exploring carbon market options and their possibility of linkage to US and Canadian markets. The North American landscape is changing, as the US EPA implements its Clean Power Plan, allowing power plants to trade emissions across state lines. This moderated dialogue session convenes policymakers and experts involved in these active North American carbon markets to discuss the prospects for efficient achievement of ambition in reducing emissions at the national, continental and global scales.

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