Success factors for low carbon development pathways in transport sectors

Organizer: SLoCaT and GIZ/TRANSfer

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 16:45

Time: 16:45

Area: Blue Zone

Wednesday, 02 Dec 2015, 16:45– 18:15 PM, Room 1


Jointly organised by Bridging the Gap Initiative, SLoCaT and GIZ/TRANSfer


INDCs and voluntary commitments illustrate what the transport sector can contribute to low carbon development. Countries have submitted their INDCs and presented mitigation targets. Among 120 INDCs submitted as of October 6, 76% explicitly identify the transport sector as a mitigation source, and more than 60% of INDCs propose transport sector specific mitigation measures. In addition, 11% of INDCs include a transport sector emission reduction target, and 15% of INDCs include assessments of country-level transport mitigation potential. In parallel, within the LPAA a number of transport-specific voluntary commitments have been prepared.


Panelists will discuss with the audience success factors for effective mitigation action in the transport sector, good practices and major challenges.


Speakers include Ramon Cruz (ITDP); Cornie Huizenga (SLoCat); Mael Martinie (CODATU); Heather Allen (BtG)as well as Nugroho Indrio from the Ministry of Transportation Indonesia and Ghrmawit Haile from Ethiopia.


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