Sustainable transformation – Nordic experiences of NAMAs as building blocks for INDCs

Organizer: NDF & NEFCO

Date: Mon / Nov. 30 - 13:15

Time: 13:15

Area: Blue Zone

This side event provides practical insights on how NAMA development helps achieve sustainable impact and contribute to sector wide transformation, build the foundation for calculations and implementation of INDCs and national targets. Focus on Nordic financed NAMAs in Asia, Latin America and Africa. For more details, please go to


Date:                  November 30, 2015

Time:                 13.15–14.45 PM

Venue:              The Conference Center, Paris-Le Bourget site, Room 3


Speakers: Ash Sharma / chair (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation), Peer Stiansen (Ministry of Environment, Norway), Sudhir Sharma (UNEP DTU Partnership), Luu Linh Huong (Ministry of Construction, Vietnam), Regina Ortega tbc. (Ministry of Environment, Peru) Martina Jägerhorn (Nordic Development Fund)


Organizers: Nordic Council of Ministers, NDF and NEFCO – based on their joint project, the Nordic Partnership Initiative; read more om


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