The Oceans 2015 Initiative what future for the ocean?

Organizer: AMAO

Date: Thu / Dec. 3 - 11:00

Time: 11:00

Area: Green Zone

Side event organised by the Monegasque Association for Ocean Acidification (AMAO)
3 December 2015 Start time: 11.00; End time: 12.30
COP21 in Le Bourget, Climate Generation Area, Room 1

The Oceans 2015 Initiative was launched to provide COP 21 negotiators with key information on how the future ocean will look like depending on C02 emissions pathways. This side-event will describe the main findings on future changes in the marine environment, key marine organisms and ecosystem services. lt will also address the issues of possible solutions. A multilingual policy brief will be distributed. More information on the products of the OceansĀ 2015 initiative:

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