Towards Carbon Neutrality – 100 % Renewable Energy and more Shaping the Energy Transition

Organizer: German Government

Date: Mon / Dec. 7 - 14:00

Time: 14:00

Area: Blue Zone

National decarbonisation strategies will be presented and their transferability to an international level discussed. One focus is on cross-sectoral approaches due to the understanding that decarbonisation goes beyond a renewable energy service based electricity sector.

  • Dr Barbara Hendricks, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), Germany
  • Dr Edgar E. Gutiérrez Espeleta, Minister for Energy Affairs and the Environment, Costa Rica
  • Maria Krautzberger, President of the German Environment Agency, Germany
  • Klaus Milke, Chairman of Germanwatch, Germany
  • Dr Harry Lehmann, German Environment Agency, Germany (Moderation)

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