Turning plans into achievement: The art of INDC Implementation

Organizer: Ricardo Energy & Environment

Date: Wed / Dec. 2 - 15:15

Time: 15:15

Area: Blue Zone

Location: Conference Centre – Blue Zone – Delegations Area – Hall 3 – Pavilion 7
The side event focuses on the practical steps which countries will need to take to ensure that the plans set out in their INDCs are successfully implemented – and ideally over-achieved.

The event will focus on what we see as the five essential but intrinsically interlinked pillars of INDC implementation, informed by our experience of implementing national climate policies and our work to support more than 15 countries develop their INDCs:

  1. Political will and effective governance
  2. Long-term mitigation strategies
  3. Integrated adaptation planning
  4. Climate finance frameworks
  5. Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems

The event will kick-off with a presentation from Ricardo Energy & Environment which sets out the five pillars of INDC implementation, followed by speakers from Lebanon, Kenya and Bangladesh who will describe how they have approached the different pillars in their INDC development and plans for putting them into action.

After the presentations will be a panel discussion, with the developing country governments joined by development partners who have been supporting INDC development.


  • Stephen M. King’uyu, Coordinator Kenya National Climate Change Action Plan, Climate Change Secretariat
  • Honorable Secretary Dr Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Bangladesh
  • Vahakn Kabakian, Ministry of Environment, Lebanon
  • Sam Bickersteth, CEO, CDKN
  • Yamil Bonduki, LECB Programme Manager, UNDP
  • Chris Dodwell, Director International Projects, Ricardo Energy & Environment

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