Wetland Carbon Sequestration as a Climate Change Mitigation tool

Organizer: U.S. Geological Survey

Date: Mon / Nov. 30 - 11:45

Time: 11:45

Area: Blue Zone

Monday, November 30, 11:45 – 12:45: Wetland Carbon Sequestration as a Climate Change Mitigation tool.

Venue: The U.S. Center

Event organizers: U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Conservation International.

Brief description: This is a USGS-led event, in partnership with FWS, NOAA, and Conservation International. The goal of this event is to demonstrate the potential of carbon sequestration and storage in wetland ecosystems as an effective climate change mitigation tool.  The session will be useful to the public, scientists, wetland managers, and policy makers and will specifically discuss: (1) why wetlands make such good carbon sinks; (2) opportunities to incorporate wetlands in existing climate mitigation policies including into national greenhouse gas inventories, and (3) opportunities to use carbon sequestration and storage to achieve more protection and restoration of priority habitats such as mangrove forests.

Key topics include: 1) carbon sequestration on publicly managed lands; 2) peat and wetland sediment as long-term carbon sinks; 3) incorporating coastal wetlands into national GHG inventories; and 4) international opportunities and challenges for adopting this climate mitigation tool.

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