"Canada is back, my good friends"

Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Speaking at the UN climate summit in Paris on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government considers the fight against climate change a top priority, as well as a “historic opportunity” to create economic growth.

Trudeau is one of approximately 150 leaders attending the 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, dubbed “COP21,” which aims to complete a binding framework for emissions reductions starting after the year 2020.

He is leading a large Canadian delegation including provincial premiers, federal party leaders, cabinet ministers and city mayors.

Speaking to other delegates on Monday morning, Trudeau said Canada will do its part in tackling climate change by acting on five principles. These include:

  • relying on scientific evidence and advice;
  • implementing policies to develop a low-carbon economy, including carbon pricing;
  • working with provincial and territorial leaders, city mayors and indigenous leaders to coordinate efforts;
  • helping developing nations adapt to climate change challenges;
  • approaching climate change as an opportunity to build a sustainable green economy, rather than just a challenge.

On this last point, Trudeau said Canada will not “sacrifice growth” as it pursues a green economy, but will “build growth” instead, by investing in new technologies and creating green jobs.

The prime minister wrapped up his comments by noting that Canada looks forward to playing a constructive role at the Paris summit.

“Canada is back, my good friends,” he told the delegates. “We’re here to help, to build an agreement that will do our children and grand-children proud.” […]

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