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12/10/15 - Clayton Utz

COP21: The French throw down the gauntlet with new draft text

The reaction of those parties to the challenge presented by these latest drafts at COP21 will determine whether an agreement is achieved.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 9 December, the French presidency of the COP released the latest draft of the proposed Paris Agreement and decision text for the COP to give effect to that agreement.

At first glance, the drafts represent a significant effort by the parties to resolve outstanding issues in the rapidly diminishing time left at the conference. The agreement and decision text, along with additional text for an alternative preamble which provides for scaling up of pre-2020 ambition, are now 29 pages in total, with a significant reduction in the amount of bracketed text and options from the previous drafts.  However it appears that the French presidency has thrown down the gauntlet to all parties by removing a lot of text, with initial reactions suggesting that this has caught some member countries out.  The reaction of those parties to the challenge presented by these latest drafts will determine whether an agreement is achieved.

12/10/15 - The Guardian

Delegates work overnight for climate deal

Good morning from the north-eastern suburbs of Paris, where negotiators from governments around the world have been working into the early hours to iron out their differences on a climate deal.

After nearly two weeks of UN talks here in Paris, a draft text of the agreement that’s meant to save us from dangerous global warmingwas published on Wednesday. Although much shorter than a previous version and with less in brackets – indicating disagreement – the reaction was mixed.

Suzanne Goldenberg and our team here in Paris rounded up some of delegates first thoughts on the draft late last night:

12/10/15 - BBC News

COP21: ‘Fireworks’ expected as new climate text published

A critical “clean” draft text has been published at UN climate talks here in Paris after delays.

This new version, 29 pages long, marks the first time the French presidency of the meeting has pulled together an outline of a deal.

The new draft has significantly reduced the options on many of the key questions after days of negotiations.

One observer warned that there could be “fireworks” if countries are unhappy with the compromises proposed.

12/10/15 - UNFCCC

UN Climate Chief Calls for Final Push to Meet Adaptation Fund Goal Very Close to Target

Paris, 10 December 2015 – UN climate chief Christiana Figueres today called for a final push to meet the funding goals for the Adaptation Fund, which assists vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to climate change.

The Adaptation Fund has received new pledges for 2015 amounting to almost $75 million, including from Germany, Sweden, Italy, and the Walloon Region of Belgium, very close to the $80 million a year target which was set about two years ago.

12/10/15 - IIGCC

COP 21 Briefing

New draft of the Paris agreement keeps door open to climate-secure world

A new draft of the Paris Agreement released today (09/12) at 15.00 CET maintains all the ingredients necessary to deliver an effective and ambitious Paris agreement.

This latest negotiating text has been brought together by the President of the negotiations (French foreign minister Laurent Fabius) and the key facilitators, reflecting concerns of all Parties. What began on Monday as a 48 page document has now been cut to just under 30 pages.

– See more at:

12/10/15 - The Guardian

Paris climate talks: delegates warn of flaws in ambitious proposals for deal

With the release of the latest draft agreement by the French hosts on Wednesday afternoon, governments were expected to meet late into the night to try to strike a deal before the scheduled end of talks on Friday.

The latest draft text recognised a key demand of more than 100 countries to limit warming to 1.5C above industrial levels, which scientists think will assure a better chance of survival for low-lying countries.

12/10/15 - BirdLife International

Re-COP – Day 10 at the Paris COP21 summit on climate change

Welcome to Paris; the capital of France and, for the next two weeks, the world’s climate capital. Thousands of people, including 151 world leaders, from 195 countries have descended on the ‘Parc des Expositions Paris le Bourget’ site aiming to agree on a deal which will reduce global carbon emissions. Below you can follow Team BirdLife and some of the main talking points at COP21.

12/09/15 - International New York Times

U.S. Proposes Raising Spending on Climate-Change Adaptation

LE BOURGET, France — In an effort to help smooth the passage of a sweeping new climate accord here this week, Secretary of State John Kerryannounced on Wednesday a proposal to double its grant-based public finance for climate-change adaptation by 2020 to $860 million, from $430 million.


12/09/15 - Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente

García Tejerina: El resultado final de la COP21 marcará un antes y un después en la cooperación entre países y regiones

La ministra de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Isabel García Tejerina, ha asegurado hoy que el resultado final de la Cumbre del Clima, con la adopción de un acuerdo internacional,  marcará un “antes y un después en las negociaciones y también en el ámbito de la cooperación entre países y en la cooperación regional”.

12/09/15 - UNFCCC

New draft COP21 agreement is out – 8 Dec 15.00

As promised Laurent Fabius has delivered a new draft of the climate agreement here in Paris.

12/09/15 - UNFCCC

Lima-Paris Action Agenda Matures into Major Force Driving Climate Action

Paris, 9 December 2015 – The outcome of the Action Day and the 12 “Focuses” held from 1-8 December under the Lima to Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) during COP21 demonstrate the massive and rising response by cities, regions, business and civil society to take ambitious climate action, frequently in cooperation with national governments.


12/09/15 - Le Monde

Comment Greenpeace a piégé des scientifiques en marge de la COP21

A la conférence de Paris sur le climat (COP21), les adversaires de la science climatique sont sur la sellette. Mardi 8 décembre, l’organisation Greenpeace a dévoilé une série de correspondances montrant comment des industriels des combustibles fossiles peuvent s’offrir, en toute discrétion, les services de plusieurs universitaires pour fragiliser les négociations climatiques. « Nous avons voulu savoir si, en amont de la conférence de Paris sur le climat, certains chercheurs du monde académique accepteraient d’être rémunérés pour rédiger et signer des rapports susceptibles de servir les intérêts d’industriels des fossiles, explique Ben Stewart, directeur des médias à Greenpeace Royaume-Uni. Et ce, en acceptant de cacher leur financement.

12/09/15 - El Mundo

La hora de las soluciones climáticas

Tras el rotundo fracaso de la COP19 de Copenhague, la convención marco para el clima de Naciones Unidades (UNFCC) perdió un impulso vital, cayendo en la aceptación de la fatalidad, que ha costado seis años reconducir.

En la COP21 en París se respira un ambiente muy distinto, pre-calentado por los anuncios de compromisos con la mitigación del cambio climático de muchos líderes, como el Presidente Obama de EEUU, Xi Jinping de China, o la encíclica “Laudato si” del Papa Francisco, a las que han seguido declaraciones de muchas otras naciones en las semanas que han precedido al COP21. Estamos a las puertas del anuncio de un acuerdo, quizás no vinculante y posiblemente insuficiente, pero un acuerdo al fin y al cabo tras años de fracasos y dudas.

12/09/15 - Business Standard

Revised Paris agreement draft to be out today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday conversed with US President Barack Obama on the Paris agreement. Later, Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Paris. This triggered detailed negotiations between the two countries at the technical level to find ways to a compromise.

12/09/15 - Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) Volume 12 Number 660 | Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Fabius: A “New text” will be presented at 13.00h

ISSD ENB Bulletin . COP 21 President Fabius outlined, and parties agreed to, the next steps going forward. He said a “clean text,” based on the ADP outcome text, and recommendations by the facilitators of the ministerial consultations and co-facilitators of the ADP spin-off groups, will be presented at 1:00pm on Wednesday, 9 December. He said the Comité de Paris will: convene later on Wednesday afternoon to consider first reactions; work for the rest of Wednesday; and be organized on Thursday based on pending issues identified.

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